This Isn’t Your Average Dispensary

What is Urban Pharm’s mission statement?

Urban Pharm offers an EXPERIENCE like no other dispensary in the country by delivering the widest range of California’s highest quality, award winning, Pharm Phresh products to our members and allowing them to consume those products, free of charge in our beautifully designed, safe and clean setting.

Why is UP unique?

Urban Pharm is the only full-service dispensary in San Francisco with an Open Flame Permit, a Dab Bar, and an astonishing interior design created by a team of local Bay Area Burning Man artists.

Why is an Open Flame Permit so rare and amazing?

An Open Flame Permit allows UP patients to buy cones (joints), flowers, and concentrates and consume them onsite. Other San Francisco dispensaries have either no consumption onsite, or vape-only licenses, so you can’t use an actual lighter or dab rig. At UP, our members can consume onsite without limits.

What is a Dab Bar?

Think of an espresso bar, but instead of espresso, we’re selling hits of concentrates. Our members can purchase single or double doses of some of the highest-quality extracts in the market. The Dab Bar provides a great opportunity for members to “try it before you buy it” as well as a way to quickly get medicated without having to buy in bulk.

What is the Monthly Patients’ Appreciation Party?

Each month Urban Pharm gives back to our members by throwing a party in celebration of YOU! There are always giveaways, specials, promotions, great music and fresh-on-the-scene drops. Check out our calendar to see when the next party is and come by for an unforgettable experience.

Express Ordering: How do I order ahead and skip the line?

Dial 415-993-WEED (9333) to place your order over the phone. Within 20 minutes, you can come into the store to pick up your order.

What are concentrates?

One of the most exciting developments in the cannabis industry continues to be the development of solvent-less concentrates, or extractions. These concentrates come in the form of oils (which are used primarily in vaporizer pens), or waxes and shatter (which are vaporized in either a pen or a glass dab rig). The effects from these concentrates can vary. Vaping oil produces the lightest affects. Dabbing wax or shatter produces the most potent effects.

Committed to providing our members with only the highest quality and safest products, we work with vendors who only produce a clean, flavorful, and enjoyable high that showcases the flower it is derived from. Stop by our concentrates department and let us show you what we have to offer. For more information on concentrates you can visit: https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/the-great-wide-world-of-cannabis-concentrates

What is a dab?

A dab is a method of consuming a sticky oil concentrate that is also referred to as wax, shatter, budder, or hash oil. The process involves heating a dose of concentrate on a hot nail, and then inhaling it through a dab rig. This method is popular for a “cleaner” smoke with highly potent effects. For more information on dabbing you can visit: https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/is-dabbing-good-or-bad-or-both

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has all the effects of THC without the psychoactive ingredient that makes you feel high. Popular among mainstream audiences, CBD has an effect on your body without sending you on the cerebral adventure associated with THC. For more information on CBD’s you can visit: http://herb.co/2016/07/26/everything-you-need-to-know-about-cbd/

What is the proper dosage for edibles?

Properly labeled edibles packaging typically contains a standard dose with 10 milligrams of activated THC per piece. Cannabis newbies, or “low-tolerance consumers,” should take half of that or try a product line that offers five-milligram options.

Experienced consumers might opt for larger doses, but starting with a small dose is generally a good idea. It’s also smart to wait for the effects to kick in so you can have a more positive, in-control experience. For more information on edibles you can visit: https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/5-tips-to-safely-dose-and-enjoy-cannabis-edibles

Who is Wilbur?

Long ago, when people were unable to obtain their medicine to aid in cancer treatments and other health-related issues, our founders thought a store like Urban Pharm would only exist when pigs could fly. Wilbur is a steampunk flying pig, complete with goggles, jet pack, and wings. He is an homage to the end of prohibition and UP’s official mascot.