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Urban Pharm’s goal is to help members to find productive and genuine healing methods. We embrace and understand the benefits of the therapies we provide. To provide great care, it is necessary to have a personal relationship with the members of the collective. We hope to help members meet their wellness needs. The director’s long history of community service in previous ventures gives them a clear insight into the needs of the community. The staff is well qualified and knows what it takes to run a coordinated and efficient organization. They assist the organization in being a responsible and integral part of the community by creating a forum for opportunity, education, and well being.

A key requirements for all positions:
Must already possess or be able to receive a California Doctor’s Recommendation for medical cannabis. Must be a California resident, with no felony convictions. Must have reliable transportation.

Front Desk

Front desk administrators are one of the first employees that have member interactions! In addition to being organized, with the ability to multi-task, we are looking for enthusiastic employees who can guide new, and existing members through the “check in” process! As a Front Desk administrator you will be responsible for verifying paperwork, ensuring that members meet all qualifications to obtain goods and services from Urban Pharm, and provide them with their first initial “tour” of Urban Pharm, the benefits of being a new or existing member, while handling all aspects of a traditional office environment; including but not limited to: answering phones, taking messages for management, verifying confidential paperwork, and communicating effectively with members and staff members. An ideal Front Desk administrator will have the ability to work well in a group setting, as well as independently, and be self-sufficient and communicative.


Administrative Assistants work with management for general clerical duties, responding to emails, and assisting in setting up appointments. Administrative Assistants must be proficient in Microsoft, excel, Illustrator, Photo Shop, and various other software that Urban Pharm to assist in supporting management, as well as the social media director. Administrative Assistants must have the capability to follow a detailed schedule, be self-sufficient, and be skilled in time, and task management.


Urban Pharm wants all of their members to receive the same care and attention from each of our knowledgeable budtenders. Budtenders must have industry experience, and adequate product knowledge to become a budtender. We require superior customer service skills, and a minimum of 6 months with the company, before you may be promoted to a Budtender postion if you do not have prior experience in the industry. Budtenders provide members with consults specific their wants and needs, and we require that each budtender be able to provide all of our members with the care and attention, that makes Urban Pharm unique from other dispensaries. As a budtender, you will be responsible for multiple tasks; including but not limited to: operating the Point of Sales system, handling cash in a high volume dispensary, while maintaining the best customer service in a busy sales environment. Budtenders should be well educated regarding products, creation processes and techniques, classifications, genetics, and consumption methods in the cannabis industry. We require that all Budtenders continue ongoing education.


Dabtenders have a unique position, with more one on one customer service with members. Dabtenders must have a vast, and superior knowledge of concentrates, the production process, and various methods available for consumption. Dabtenders must have sufficient knowledge of concentrates, and possess the knowledge and finesse to walk both novice, and experienced “dabbers” or consumers, through their experience.


Urban Pharm requires that all security guards are experienced, proactive, and extremely responsible. In addition to maintain the initial check in process, security guards are also responsible for checking the perimeter multiple times a shift, and passing Urban Pharm specific certifications for safety. Security guards are also responsible for verifying identification, for both new and existing members, as well as being an integral part of the “check in” process. It is the security guard’s responsibility to flag members that have been 86’d as well as ensure the safety of both members, and staff by taking detailed notes in the system regarding any incidents including but not limited to: member issues, and neighborhood alerts. Security guards also maintain the shops cleanliness both inside, and around the neighborhood to support the Urban Pharm’s “good neighbor” policy.


Processors work directly with product intake by weighing out product, facilitating product from the time it is purchased, to the time it goes out to be obtained by members. They must maintain consistent communication with the management, and buyers, and have the ability to work independently as well as in a group setting. Processors will also work closely with management on daily inventory, as it coincides with product, inventory, and packaging.

Floor Managers/Shift Leads

Floor Managers as well as Shift leads must have all of the knowledge of an experienced Budtender, as well as possess the organizational skills to lead other staff members. Responsibilities include being a consistent presence on the floor, communicating with back of the house management, and delegating specific tasks to employees on the floor; including but not limited to: assigning side work, handling the break scheduling, and potentially intercepting members concerns or feedback. Floor managers and shift leads must also maintain the ability to cover all departments.


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